NTK Intourist plans to create its own air fleet in 2018

Create: 10/20/2017 - 08:15
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“Tour operator NTK Intourist plans to create its own air fleet next season”, - said General Director of the company Viktor Topolkaraev.

"We took this decision last year, but did not have time to perform it. The situation with VIM-Avia showed the rightness of such measure: a large tour operator must have its own air transportation. We intend to lease airplanes, we will soon conclude negotiations with the airlines. In the next summer season, we plan to use our air fleet", - added V.Topolkaraev.

According to him, their own transportation will account 30-40% of the total volume of the tour operator. The remaining flights will be carried out in accordance with the plan with other airlines.

"Now there are reliable carriers on the market. And we will continue to cooperate with those who have already recommend themselves as a reliable partner", - informed CEO of NTK Intourist.