Travel from EU to Russia grew by almost 6% in 2018

Create: 01/06/2019 - 07:38
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According to FSB Border Service, in 2018 more than 1 million tourists from Russia visited EU. Most travelers came from Germany, Britain, Italy, France, Spain. This year the flow of tourists from EU countries to Russia grew by 58 thousand people in comparison with the same period of 2017.
According to the Izvestia newspaper, there are some difficulties in relations between Moscow and Brussels, but, despite this, 1,129,800 tourists from EU countries arrived in Russia. Germany became the leader by arrivals in Russia, almost 400 thousand people came here. On the second position is Great Britain - 114 thousand tourists arrived, then Italy - a little more than 106 thousand, France - 95 thousand, and about 77 thousand people arrived from Spain to Russia.
A little less people also came from other EU countries: about 46 thousand from Finland, 30 thousand from the Netherlands, 29 thousand from Latvia, 26 thousand from Austria, and Poland closes TOP-10 with about 22 thousand tourists.
It is noted that the decline in tourist flow is noticeable only in Finland, less than 500 thousand people arrived from this country, as well as in Spain — 2 thousand less visited Russia than last year.