The number of Austrian tourists in Russia increased by one third

Create: 11/23/2017 - 17:22
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“For 9 months of 2017 Russia was visited by a third more tourists from Austria than during the same period of the last year”, - said Deputy Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation Alla Manilova at the press conference of the St. Petersburg Cultural Forum.

"According to the present situation, the growth of Austrian tourism in Russia is plus 33%, the growth of Russian tourism in Austria, according to the border services and tour operators, is plus 40%", - said A. Manilova, summing up the cross-year results of tourism Russia - Austria.

In turn, Deputy Minister of Science, Research and Economics of Austria Elisabeth Udolf-Strobl announced its intention to open a tourist office in St. Petersburg. She also noted the growth of the tourist flow from Russia to Austria, but she named other figures. "We can observe an increase of the number of tourists from Russia - an increase of the flow is 25%. We are very pleased with this fact", - she said, without précising the period.

As A. Manilova said, in February-June of 2018 the Days of Russia will be held in Austria.