How will the fall of the Ruble affect the prices of tours abroad?

The depreciation of the Ruble against major world currencies this week will have a minor effect on the price of air tickets for international flights. The increase of the prices of foreign tours will be more significant - tourists should hurry to pay their unpaid or partially paid booking.

As a result of Monday, April 9 Ruble fell by 3.7% against Dollar (up to 60.3 Rubles per Dollar) and by 4.1% against Euro (74.4 Rubles for Euro). Already on this day exchange rates began to be updated on the websites of tour operators.

"Unfortunately, fluctuations of the exchange rate are reflected on the cost of booked tours, sometimes downwards, which is more pleasant for tourists, sometimes upwards too. The current course of the company is corrected daily", - the press service of TUI Russia tour operator reported.

The price for already paid abroad tours, when Ruble rate fluctuates, does not change. However, if the tour is partially paid, the unpaid part is recalculated according to the exchange rate as of the date of payment for the tour.

Yesterday's depreciation of the ruble and, consequently, a rise of prices are not too significant in order to substantially reduce the demand for abroad tourist packages.

However, experts predict the possible further weakening of Ruble in media.

"The cost of air tickets on international flights will not significantly increase and will stay at this level some time", - says the General Director of Vipservis tour operator Dmitry Gorin. At the same time, according to the expert, the trend towards higher prices for air tickets will continue in the future.