How much does a tour for the New Year sea holiday cost?

The average prices for New Year's tours for the “winter beach” destinations have increased from 16 to 175% (depending on the resort) in comparison with the beginning of December 2018. However, there are destinations where they ... fell.
The ATOR Bulletin publishes an analysis of average and minimum prices for ten-day package tours with departure from December 29–30 from Moscow to 13 most popular winter beach destinations: UAE, Israel, Jordan, Thailand, Vietnam, China (Hainan), Indonesia (Bali) , India (Goa), Sri Lanka, Maldives, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Mexico.
The cost of all packages below is calculated under the following conditions: a tour for two adults, RT flight, transfer, medical insurance, accommodation for 10 nights, meals vary depending on the tour program, departure on Saturday, December 29, or Sunday, December 30.
In comparison with the previous study (for tours with departure on December 8), the picture for ten-day New Year's tours with departure on December 29 and 30 demonstrated a very significant increase in prices for all winter beach destinations with two exceptions.
Thus, the average price for a ten-day package tour for two persons with departures from December 29 to December 30 has increased (compared to the beginning of the month) for the following destinations:
The UAE - by 16.2%;
Israel - by 48%;
Sri Lanka - 68%;
India (Goa) - by 74%;
Cuba - 88%;
Indonesia (Bali) - by 108%;
Thailand - by 131%;
Mexico - 153%;
The Maldives - 153%;
Jordan - 175%.
Surprisingly, the average prices for ten-day tours to Vietnam fell by 9% and to China (Hainan) - by 4%. The reduced prices for New Year's peak dates may show a certain oversupply of offers.