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The former head of "Capital Tour" - Inna Beltyukova – is declared bankrupt

Inna Beltyukova, the former head of "Capital Tour", is declared bankrupt. The debts of the defendant amount almost 200 million rubles. The Moscow Arbitration Court declared bankrupt Innu Beltyukova, the former director of tour operator "Capital Tour" (which stopped operating in 2010), and now - the chairman of the board of "Inna-Tour".

As follows from the Court, the defendant debts amount almost 200 million rubles. The procedure of realization of the property for a period of six months is introduced against Beltyukova. Oleg Koroljuk, the successor of the one of the "Rosbank" creditors, has filed a lawsuit.

"The court's decision is predictable and inevitable. I had to go through all the stages of this process, which has extended for six years", - said Inna Beltyukova.

"Capital Tour" stopped its activity in November 2010. At the moment of the collapse of the company - 2700 tourists were abroad, and more than 8000 people had bought the package tours. At that time it was the largest bankruptcy after the introduction of the institute of financial guarantees in the Russian tourism industry.