On the eve of the New Year the extremists made a terrorist attack in Cairo

Two tourists from Vietnam and Egyptian guide and a driver were killed, another 12 people suffered as a result of the terrorist attack in Cairo on Friday. This was reported by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Egypt.
According to the ministry, "at 18:15 of local time the bus, in which there were 14 Vietnamese tourists, was blown up on El Malyutia Street not far from the pyramids of Giza".
Two tourists are in serious condition, doctors are fighting for their lives. He also said that all buses with tour groups follow strictly designated routes, prescribed by security officials, and suggested that this bus could deviate from its rout.
The consular section of the Russian Embassy in Egypt confirmed that the Russians did not suffer in the attack. “There were no Russians in the bus that was blown up near the Pyramids of Giza,” the diplomats said.
Extremists are not for the first time choosing holidays to commit attacks. The Christians became the main target of their attacks over the last years. So, on New Year's Eve in 2011 and on Palm Sunday 2017 terrorist attacks were committed in churches in Alexandria and Tanta, as a result of which dozens of people were killed. In addition, in December 2016, an explosion thundered in one of the Coptic churches of the Cathedral complex in the center of Cairo. Over the past two years, terrorists have twice shot buses with Christian pilgrims on their way to monasteries during religious holidays.
After a series of attacks, all Christian churches and Coptic churches in Egypt are guarded in a heightened regime, and on holidays the security forces operate in a special mode of activity. The special regime will be valid until January 7, the Orthodox Christmas.
After several years of political instability, which seriously hit tourism business, when foreigners almost stopped traveling to the country, Egypt gradually began to restore lost positions in world tourism. This year alone, the increase in the number of holidaymakers from abroad was 30%, and so the authorities are giving priority to security issues.