The number of tourists in Japan increased by 34%

Create: 01/08/2019 - 07:38
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The number of tourists to Japan from Russia grew by 34%. At the same time, experts say that the reason for growth is the decline in prices for flights, as well as the year of cross-tourism in Russia and Japan, which increased the demand for trips to the country of the rising sun.
According to the OneTwoTrip travel service, in 2018 the Russians began to fly to Japan more often: 34% more tickets were bought in comparison with 2017. At the same time, the average cost of a flight from Russia to Japan and back decreased by 9.8% and amounted up to 34,700 Rubles ($ 502).
The capital of Japan, Tokyo, hosts 82% of flights from Russia. This city showed the largest increase in demand. This year the Russian tourists traveled to the capital of Japan by 45% more than a year earlier. In terms of demand’s growth Osaka is on the second position - in 2018 travelers bought tickets to this city by 24% more than the year before. The cost of tickets to Osaka decreased by 3% up to 35,200 Rubles ($ 505).
On the third line is Sapporo - the demand for the flights to this Japanese city grew by 11%, and the cost of a RT ticket from Russia decreased by 4%: up to 32,900 Rubles ($ 481).
From Moscow, travelers fly to Japanese cities with a change in Istanbul, Dubai, Doha, Beijing, and they can get to Tokyo by direct flights. However, the price of the direct flight is an average 15% more than a connecting flight. The capital of Japan can be reached by direct flights also from Vladivostok, Khabarovsk and Novosibirsk, and the residents of Far East most often fly to other Japanese cities with a change in Seoul or Tokyo.