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Flights to Cuba will be more

Create: 08/04/2017 - 14:56

Since October 5, a direct charter program from Moscow to Cuban island Cayo Coco will begin. The customer is tour operator - ANEX Tour, Azur Air airline will carry out the transportation, the frequency of flights is every 10 day. The tours on the basis of this air transportation are already appeared in the online booking system of the company. This information is confirmed in the press service of the tour operator.

The representatives of ANEX Tour explain this decision by high demand for Cuba by the results of the last year. Trips to Cayo Coco and neighboring island Cayo Guillermo now are available for the purchase of tickets.

According to the Head of Latin American direction of NTK Intourist Vasily Yakovlev, flights to Cayo Coco do not create direct competition for flights to Havana and Varadero and unlikely to lead to exceeded transportation on Cuban direction as a whole. He draws attention to the fact that Cayo Coco Island is not yet sufficiently popular among Russian travelers and the range of the hotel base is not as broad as at the most popular resort - Varadero.


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