At the end of 2018 Morocco hosted about 55 thousand tourists from the Russian Federation

Create: 01/12/2019 - 13:17
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Samir Sussi, the director of the Russian representative office of the Moroccan National Tourist Office, reported on the results of the 2018 tourist traffic. The year 2018 has ended, and Morocco wishes that following the results of the year the number of tourists from the Russian Federation will be about 55 thousand, which is 10% more than last year.
“Over the past few years, Morocco’s popularity among Russian tourists has been growing. For example, in 2017 about 50 thousand travelers from the Russian Federation came to visit us. According to the results of 2018, we expect a 10% increase in this indicator”, he said.
He also said that many new resorts appeared in Morocco, where Russian tourists can relax. They are not popular yet, but it is about timing.
In addition, Samir Sussi said that they are ready to offer Russian tourists a variety of outdoor activities: such as golf, surfing, trips to exotic Sahara, the organization of wedding ceremonies and more.