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Consulate General of Greece in Moscow opened the accreditation for travel agencies

The Consulate General of Greece in Moscow started the accreditation of travel agencies, operating both in the capital and in the regions, geographically belonging to the consular district.

According to the "Bulletin of ATOR", the procedure, which gives the right to submit documents for the Greek visas for the period 2017-2018, will be conducted in three stages: February 13 - 16, February 20 - 23 and February 27 - March 2.

According to the Greek visa center, the tourist companies from the regions, belonging to the Consulate General of Greece in Moscow, are also required to undergo a procedure of accreditation in the consulate general, pre-recorded for the interview by phone: +7 (495) 539 38 47 (week days). At the same time, the regional companies can to submit in advance the documents, required for the passage of accreditation to any regional visa center of Greece, or to handle them directly in the day of visiting the Greek Consulate.

If the company's head office is located in Moscow, the accreditation process can be performed only once – by Moscow main department. However, the travel agency has the list of all the regional offices while accreditation.

In the Consulate General of Greece in Novorossiysk the accreditation of travel agencies, operating in the region, will be held from 1 till March 31, 2017.

In addition to the package of documents, the travel companies will need to submit to the Consulate General the report about their work in the Greek direction in 2016. The report, in particular, will need to contain information about the number of tourists, the main regions of Greece, where the tourists departure, the number of tickets and tours, which the travel company has sold on the Greek direction.