Collapse of "VIM-Avia": Rosturizm and tour operators are preparing a plan to send back the tourists from the resorts.

Despite the Ministry of Transport statement that "VIM-Avia" will return tourists from the resorts "itself or by attracted sources", the uncertainty remains on the tourist market - how, in what terms and by whose funds it will be done. At 12:30 on Tuesday, September 26 it was known only that there are meetings in Rosturizm and Turpomosh with the participation of tour operators - partners of VIM-Avia and a briefing for journalists is planned at 16:00. The question is how to return Russian tourists - VIM-Avia's customers from abroad".

Recall, in the morning on the web-site of Rosturizm was published a statement of the Head of the department Oleg Safonov that the returning of tourists will be perform not for the funds of tour operators. At the same time from the Ministry of Transport was received information. On the one hand, it was encouraging, on the other hand it raised the questions - in the message of the department it was said only about the returning of passengers "who have tickets of the airline", and some "attracted sources" were mentioned.

As reported, in Rosturizm at the moment the Federal Agency forms lists of passengers and is in contact with the tour operators. In particular - with NTK Intourist, TUI Russia, Muzenidis Travel, Coral Travel, TEZ Tour.

The correspondent of has called the representatives of these tour operators and found out that as of 12:30 on Tuesday, an alternative plan for their tourists have Muzenidis Travel and from Coral Travel.

"We have a contract with VIM-Avia by October 10 - for one flight Moscow-Antalya-Moscow daily and for flights twice a week Moscow-Anfida-Moscow. We are looking for a replacement in working order. Yesterday all our tourists flew away, the process of returning back of tourists by other airlines continues. We will send all the tourists who purchased our tours and we will deliver everyone back. Most of the tourists will be transported by Royal Flight flights", - said Marina Makarkova, the Head of PR of Coral Travel. At the moment, there are 5 thousand tourists abroad of this tour operator who flew by VIM-Avia.

In "Mouzenidis Travel" the options for behavior in this situation is under way. "This issue is not yet closed, now there are meetings but if it will be necessary we send back our clients by flights of Ellinair airline - this is beyond any doubt. We are technically ready for this, the situation was discussed last weekend", - said Alexander Tsandekidi the General director of Mouzenidis Travel.

Other tour operators were either not ready to comment or reported that they were looking for options. "Until the end of the day we expect to determine when and how we will return the tourists. As far as we know, VIM-Avia is now seeking additional funding. But the final plans of the airline, we do not know yet. Therefore, we are looking for alternative transportation", - TUI Russia noted. The ICS Travel Group and TEZ Tour also reported that they are in search of variants for the transportation of tourists by other airlines.

However, as experts say, the market physically does not have enough resources to transport such a number of passengers in a short time.

According to the Sales Director of "NTK Intourist" Sergei Tolchin, the tour operator cannot provide customers with an alternative transportation in such a short time. Now the company pays additional days of accommodation in hotels for tourists who are abroad. In the absence of free rooms the service provider tries to find ones in the other hotels.

Meanwhile, lawyers pay attention to the fact that tourists who are abroad and are not transported to their homeland on time have the right to apply to "Tourist assistance" and demand returning.