Co-owner of VIM-Avia R. Mursekaev flew from Russia

“Co-owner of VIM-Avia Rashid Mursekaev left Russia on September 26 via Sheremetyevo airport”, - a source familiar with the situation told Interfax agency. The source did not precise which country the co-owner of the bankrupt airline had gone to.

Meanwhile, the Head of Rosaviation Alexander Neradko, speaking in the State Duma on Wednesday, said that the owner of VIM-Avia was invited to a meeting on the situation around the air carrier on Wednesday morning, but did not attend it.

"Yesterday, the owner of VIM-Avia airline was invited at 8 o'clock for a special meeting due to the fact that he gave an obligation to pay current expenses to maintain operating activities from his own means in amount of 50 million Rubles. But the owner did not come to the meeting, his phone stopped responding and the secretariat of the airline stopped responding too", - he said.

"I suppose that the owner now is out of the territory of Russian Federation", - A. Neradko added later, answering the questions of the deputies.

On Monday, the official representative of Russia's Investigative Committee Svetlana Petrenko told about the initiation of a criminal case on the grounds of the crime provided for in Part 4 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code of Russian Federation (fraud in a particularly large amount).