ANEX brand has been known for more than seventeen years in the world. In 1996, it became known in Russia. Now more than 70 companies successfully work in Russia, Ukraine, Spain, Thailand, and Vietnam under the brand name Anex. In the Russian market, the brand is presented by LLC "Exclusive Travel», LLC "Black Sea (lit. Chernoe More)«, LLC "STM-A agents’ network ANEX Shop and franchise agency network «Anex Tour - Points of sale». ANEX Tour is well-known, dynamically developing company with big experience in tour operating, team of professionals and reliable partners. Today ANEX Tour is considered to be the leading tour operator in Russia. According to the variety of company rankings, Anex Tour is among the top five leaders in the Russian tourism market.
Established in Year: 1996

Size of the company: about 700 employees
Expert Comment: In January 2010, the company opened the first sales point Anex Shop. Recently, there are offices in more than 20 cities of Russia. Additionally, the company offers individual travel agents also to work by franchise under the brand name Anex Tour. For travel agents, Annex Tour offers rather standard conditions to work under the brand name Anex Shop, like maximum commission, 50% expenses for the sign, call center and other usual privileges like seminars and fam trips. As many other tour operators, except commission policy they additionally have bonus program for travel agents, giving bonuses (points) for each booking; later an agency can use bonuses to pay for the tour or get the preferences.

On December 30, 2015, the Federal Agency for Tourism of his order excluded from the Federal Registry of Tour Operators 19 legal entities with the Turkish owners. This was done in accordance with the RF Government Decree of 29 December 2015 to impose restrictions on the work of Turkish companies in Russia. The reason for the decision was the Presidential Decree of 28 November 2015. Anex Tour was one of these companies. However, in March 2016, Anex Tourhas been restored in the Federal Registry of Tour Operators. Currently the company published information on its web site that booking and purchasing of tour products on all destinations is done via LLC Exclusive Travel and LLC Black Sea (lit. Chernoe More) - tour operators for outbound, inbound, and incoming tourism. In addition to them, LLC "Anex Tour Moscow", LLC "Anex Regions", and LLC «STM-A» are also listed on the web site as tour operators’ companies.

The marketing campaign is usually smooth focused on travel agents. Except usual fam trips, seminars and webinars, Annex Tour annually organises Annex Workshops (big conferences in Moscow or in Turkey for more than 500 participating agents). Tours of Anex are presented on
Recently, Annex Tour is considered as one of TOP 10 major tour operators on the Russian market.

Destinations: Thailand, Spain, UAE, Greece, Morocco, India, Vietnam, Czech Republic, Andorra, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Montenegro, Georgia, Malta, Cuba, Tunisia, Jordan, Russia, Italy, Sri Lanka, Israel.

Tour Types: Beach Holidays, City Break, Luxury Travel