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Which islands of Greece are most popular among Russian tourists

Create: 07/10/2017 - 15:33

Demand for Greek islands in this summer season has grown significantly, according to tour operators.

Islands are at the pick of Popularity

Most tour operators believe that island holidays in Greece this season are more in demand - even though hotels of approximately the same level on the islands are little expensive than the "mainland" one’s. More demand for the islands in comparison with mainland Greece is noted, in particular, by tour operators - Russian Express, TUI Russia, PAX, NTK Intourist and ANEX Tour.

The TUI company notes that the sale of the Greek islands "is much better than in the last year." By tour operators’ opinion, the reasons for the increase of demand are the following: stabilization of ruble, changes of the company's approach to product formation, and balances between the volumes of transportation and contracted hotels.

The demand for island’s resorts in Greece increased by 38% against the last season.

Yevgenia Erofeeva, the Head of the Greek direction of the PAX tour operator, told that demand for island destinations in Greece increased by 38% in this year.

According to experts, high demand is connected with an affordable price for tours. In TUI Russia the average amount of the tour to the islands of Greece is 950 Euros per person, and the most popular length of rest is 10-11 nights.

Turkey helped ... Greece

Many market participants noted that Turkey, closed in the last year, helped to win the sympathy of Russian holidaymakers toward Greek islands.

"On the one hand, the prices for package tours have not increased against the season of 2016. On the other hand, for the time that Turkey was closed, Greece has become a more popular tourist destination", - said Marina Makarkova, Head of the public relations department of the tour operator Coral Travel.

For the time that Turkey was closed, Greece has become a more popular tourist destination and the price for tours since 2016 has grown slightly.

What Greece islands are in TOP-3 among Russians

According to most tour operators, the TOP-3 of the most popular Greek islands in this season includes Crete, Rhodes and Corfu. This is due to, first of all, the broad hotel base, as well as to the greater concentration of hotels operating on the system "all inclusive" - which is especially important factor for family tourists traveling with their children.

"Crete and Rhodes are suitable for any category of tourists. Kos is popular among families with young children", - comments Marina Makarkova.


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