What tours choose Russian tourists for the New Year - 2019

Create: 12/14/2018 - 16:48
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Tour operators called the TOP-5 countries in sales of tours for the New Year holidays in 2019. Turkey was the leader in demand for the summer season - 2018, and for the New Year is on the first positions, while Europe is losing its audience.

According to tour operators, at the current moment sales of tours for the New Year - 2019 and the New Year holidays generally correspond to the volumes for the same dates of last year. There is no growth: a weak ruble and a drop in the solvency of the population reduce demand, as a result of which the Russians cannot afford to travel several times during a year. So, more and more Russians prefer to rest only in the summer season.

Nevertheless, there is no robust fall in sales at the current moment. Moreover, by the end of December tour operators are waiting for a surge in demand.

There are several key demand trends. So, more and more tourists are ready to “run from winter” to warm countries, which stimulates the growth of sales of tours in long-range destinations. So, according to Biblio-Globus tour operator, the demand for tours to Thailand for New Year's dates grew by 21% in comparison with last year, for tours to India - by 12%. Moreover, visa-free regime is an important factor in the growing demand for a number of long-range “charter” destinations.

Experts note, against this background the share of sales of skiing and sightseeing tours to Western and Central Europe is falling: the need to get a visa and an expensive vacation reduce demand in these destinations, and also force tourists to “lower” the bar and look for more budget travel options.

New Year's demand in ski segment in the European countries is increasingly shifting in favor of Andorra, Bulgaria and inexpensive Italy. In the top of sightseeing destinations are more affordable Baltic States, the Czech Republic and Hungary.

Another interesting trend is purchasing of New Year's tours in advance in order to save money. The depth of sales of New Year’s holidays in a number of leading companies increased by 1-2 months in comparison with previous seasons.