What countries of South America are popular among Russian tourists

Create: 01/09/2018 - 11:47
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South America is still exotic on the Russian tourism market, but the demand for it is gradually increasing. Tour operators note the growth of the demand for South American countries this year and stable activity of customers. Representatives of the tour operator "KMP Group" report that the demand for individual tours to Latin America is stable and remains generally at the level of the last year.

The Russian Express operator notes the increase of the number of bookings. ICS Travel Group in turn says about significant increase of demand in comparison with the last year.

All interviewed tour operators talk about the predominance of individual tours on the South American directions. "Due to economic circumstances, against the pre-crisis years, demand has fallen and the number of group tours is not a lot", - the KMP Group notes.

The high season for trips of Russians to the countries of South America is traditionally winter – the period from mid-October to early-mid-April.

According to the information of KMP-Group tour operator, the most popular destinations for Russians in South America are Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru and Ecuador. The other market players agree in general with this confirmation.

This year the representatives of Russian Express tour operator also note a high demand for tours to Brazil in comparison with the last year. According to the specialists of the company, in this country combined beach and excursion tours are most popular among Russian tourists - for example, a 12-day tour with excursions to Rio de Janeiro (4 nights) and rest on the tropical coast (7 nights). Tours with a combination of sightseeing and events are also in demand: for example, visiting the famous Brazilian carnival in Rio de Janeiro, and then a trip to Iguazu Falls.

“In Peru, Russian tourists actively visit Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley, Lake Titicaca and Nazca line in Atacama Desert”, - confirmed the representatives of KMP-Group and ICS Travel Group. Less often tourists are interested in journey to jungles.

In Argentina, the most demanded routes are Patagonia, Iguazu Falls and a visit to the capital of Buenos Aires. Costa Rica can offer many programs, not only beach, but also sightseeing as well as fishing.