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"The Turkish factor" unaffected only on Thailand and Spain

Create: 07/20/2017 - 12:50

This follows from the statistics of Yandex search requests in June, which was analyzed by ATOR's analytical service. In Yandex almost 40% of all requests for vacation were for Turkey and the number of requests for tours in all the other areas decreased, including Russia.

In June 2017, Russian users of Yandex made 8.444.303 requests for tours, which is 19.7% more than in the previous month. In comparison with June 2016, the total number of searches increased by 37.6% and the number of requests for last-minute travel offers - by 38.6%.

The leading foreign destinations, which were requested by Yandex users in June 2017, were Turkey (37.2%), Greece (5.8%), Cyprus (4.8%), Turkey , Tunisia (4.3%), Thailand (4.1%), Abkhazia (3.7%), Bulgaria (3.2%), Spain (3.1%), Italy (3%) and Montenegro (2 ,4%).

The best growth dynamics was demonstrated by Turkey (1931%), Armenia (166%), Belarus (145%) and Cuba (91%).

Interest for holiday in Asian countries increased by 11% against the previous year’s period, the share of such requests was 9.4%. Tours to Europe were searched in 28.9% of cases.

In June 2017, Thailand went down to the fifth place in the list of the most popular foreign destinations in Yandex and this is the second direction, except for Turkey, which in June shows growth for the year’s duration. By May, the number of requests for tours to Thailand increased by 23.4% and in comparison with June 2016 - by 1.4%.

The number of requests for tours to Spain in June 2017 increased by 12.5% against the previous month.


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