Turkey, Cyprus and UAE lead the rating of destinations for trips with children for the autumn holidays

Create: 11/06/2017 - 07:21
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“Turkey, Cyprus, United Arab Emirates, Israel and Italy are included in the list of the most popular destinations for the holiday period”, - reports the Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR) with reference to the players of the tourism market.

In the top list of foreign destinations for school holidays are present both European countries (where excursion tours are in demand) and warm destinations, including long range destinations. "In whole, the TOP 5 of the most popular destinations for the holiday period includes Turkey, Cyprus, UAE, Israel and Italy", - ATOR said.

Also, Anex Tour operator, in addition to "TOP" countries, noted the high demand for family trips to Dominican Republic, Thailand, Vietnam and China on vacation dates. “But countries, where short tours with a short flight are possible, are more popular for vacations”, - the company said.

In TUI company said that the audience with school-age children prefer a beach visa-free vacation in late autumn and so they have many requests for tours to Cyprus, Israel, Turkey and UAE.

In the company "Muzenidis Travel" noted that vacations in schools are scheduled on different dates, so there is interest in programs for a request with a flexible choice of dates of arrival. Visa-free Georgia and Cyprus also found themselves in the top requests of the company.

According to experts, the peak of sales for school holidays is coming. "The peak of sales is not passed. According to experience, short holidays are booked often on the eve of departure. The tourists often fly to countries where there are free places and do not look at the cost ", - explained the Director of the marketing, sales and agency department of ICS Travel Group tour operator Valeria Romanenkova.

In NTK Intourist and TUI Russia companies reported, that the sales volumes for autumn school holidays doubled in comparison with the same period of the last year. In ICS Travel Group "the increase of tourist amounted 25%”.