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Tunisia will follow up a success of the last year

Create: 07/18/2017 - 15:07

Tour operators report about increase of the average length of rest of tourists in Tunisia this year, but restrainedly estimate the prospects of growth in absolute numbers.

Flight programs

The press service of "Biblio Globus" tour operator reported that the flight program in this season against the past period increased by 4.5 times. The flight from St. Petersburg by Boeing 747 (620 seats) was added. Last year, the tour operator had a flight only from Moscow and only by Boeing 737 (less than 200 seats).

“PegasTouristik” remains the flight program to Tunisia at the level of the last year. These are flights to Monastir and Djerba from 20 cities of Russia.

“ANEX Tour’s” flight program to Tunisia in the summer 2017 remained approximately at the level of the last year. Among the airports of arrival of Tunisia are Enfid, Monastir and Djerba.

Tour operator “Coral Travel” this year flies from Moscow to Enfid and Djerba every day.

However, despite the increase of the programs of some tour operators, totally the number of seats to Tunisia has decreased on the market. Especially it concerns Djerba, noted the specialists of NTK Intourist tour operator. And the main reason for this trend was the return of the Turkish tourist product on the Russian market.

Prospects of the growth of the direction

According to the estimates of tour operators, this year the demand for Tunisia will remain at the last year's level (if there will be no serious shocks). It is confirmed by the statistics of Tunisia. In the first half of this year more than 194.000 tourists from Russia visited the country. Last year in the same period Tunisia was visited by about 190 thousand Russian tourists.

The second half of the year may, of course, correct the picture, but there are also doubts: according to the service, now Tunisia's share in the overall ranking of tourist preferences is about 5%. This is almost two times less than in the last year.

This year, Russians are on the second place after French tourists in the rating of the main suppliers of tourists to Tunisia.

Recall that Tunisia in 2016 was visited by more than 623 thousand Russians, which is 137% more than in 2014. In 2015, a series of terrorist attacks took place in Tunisia, as a result of which tourists from Russia and other foreign countries refused to travel to the country.

The most popular resorts in Tunisia

Significant changes in the geography of the rest of Russians in Tunisia this year is not noted (except Djerba). So, the aggregator of package tours noted a 13.5% decrease in the number of requests for the rest in Djerba against the last year.

"All major resorts of the mainland Hammamet and Sousse are popular, little less - Monastir and Mahdia", - says Marina Makarkova, the Head of Coral Travel public relations department.

In "NTK Intourist" Hammamet and Suss are traditionally in the leaders of demand.

The average duration of tours to Tunisia this year is 8-14 days. At the same time, tour operators note the increased number of requests for two-week tours.

The number of requests for tours with a duration of 9-12 nights (the most popular duration) has increased by 30%. At the same time, tours to Tunisia for 4-6 nights lost in popularity by 45.5% against the period of a year ago.


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