Study: how did the demand for Turkey changed?

Create: 12/21/2018 - 15:31
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Irina Ryabovol, a representative of the international tourist meta-search resource, said that this year the demand for summer trips to Turkey increased by 26.7% compared with 2017. At the same time, last year the growth of requests in this area amounted 89.3%. In general, a more stable dynamic of interest for Turkey is not a one-time phenomenon, but a tendency of 2018.

So, the upcoming winter holidays in this country are going to celebrate about the same number of Russian tourists as last year - an increase of only 3%. And last year, the same indicator was 68%. At present, we can talk about stable interest for this destination.

At the moment, we recorded an increase in prices for flights to Turkey for the next beach season by only 5%. As for hotels, they are becoming more expensive mainly at resorts: the cost of five-star accommodation in Antalya increased by 19% and in Bodrum - by 10.4%. In Istanbul, meanwhile, prices rose by 4.5%. If concerns about further price increases are justified, then part of the fans of Turkey will probably change their preferences to other resorts. However, it is not necessary that it will be Egypt.

The situation with this country is ambiguous. So, over the summer of 2018 we recorded a slight decrease in interest for the destination (-13%). However, if we consider a wider period - from January to October 2018 - then it turns out that the demand for travel to Egypt grew by 97% at once. However, even with double growth this country cannot yet compete with Turkey. According to the results of holiday season 2018, the Russians book flights to Turkey 13 times more often than to Egypt.