Russians are reorienting for excursion to Europe, Thailand and Vietnam

Create: 11/07/2017 - 20:15
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Yandex statistics for September indicate a general drop of the number of requests for "near" beach destinations and an increase of interest to non-beach Europe and to Southeast Asian countries. But Turkey this month is beyond competition.

In September, the share of requests for tours to Europe increased by 33.4% (of the total number of searches for tours abroad). But totally, the interest to rest in EU countries among Russians was almost at the level of the previous year (-1%). Such data follows from the Yandex statistics for September 2017, which was analyzed by ATOR Analytical Service.

The forecast seasonal decline of the number of requests for the rest (an average by 15% by September 2016) was observed on the beach European destinations (Cyprus, Greece, Spain, Montenegro, Bulgaria and Croatia). At the same time, the growth of the volume of search requests (on average by 12.3%) was recorded for the rest part of Europe. The best indicators were demonstrated by France, Germany, Portugal, Norway, Czech Republic and Italy.

Just like a month earlier, Russians actively searched for tours to East Asian countries (+ 11%) and the share of such requests was 21.7% of the total number of searches.

In September 2017, against September of 2016, the total number of searches increased by a quarter and the number of requests for last minute tour - by 23%. Among the users, searching for tours, 33.6% searched it through mobile devices.

In September 2017 the leading foreign destinations that were requested by Yandex users were Turkey (24.9%), Thailand (8.2%), Tunisia (5.1% ), Cyprus (4.9%), Egypt (4%), India (Goa) (3.6%), Greece (3.5%), Vietnam (3.3%), Italy (3.1%) and Israel (2.9%).

By September of the last year the best growth dynamics among all the directions was demonstrated by Turkey (53%), United Arab Emirates (55%), Georgia (63%), Belarus (158%) and Armenia (116%).