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Russian tourists expand the geography of tourism in Vietnam

Create: 06/06/2017 - 15:02

Tour operators note a slight decrease in the intensity of sales of summer tours to Vietnam this year, but the Russians expand the geography of their holiday destinations in this country.

Recall that according to the ATOR analytical service, Vietnam in April 2017 has dropped from the eighth to the tenth line in the list of the most popular destinations among users of Yandex, but in comparison with the last year, interest in rest at Vietnamese resorts grew by 424.7%.

In April, Vietnam had fewer special offers than in the previous month. More often the Yandex users were interesting in information about the resort of Nha Trang. Tours to Vietnam were most often search requested by potential tourists from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ural region, Siberia and Far East.

"In principle, the dynamics of sales is not bad, but in March "Vietnam Airlines" closed the flights to Ho Chi Minh City and remained only Hanoi. In our opinion, this fact affect on some decline of the popularity of the direction", - said Alla Kalinichenko, the Head of the Vietnam department of PAX company.

According to experts July and August remain the most popular summer months for tourists to travel in this direction. As for the average duration of the tour, the term for 11-14 nights is still considered as the most optimal for travelers.

Tourists in the summer season of 2017 still prefer 4-5 stars hotels on breakfast base. However, ANEX Tour has noted an increase in demand for luxury hotels 5 - stars.

The flight programs of the tour operator are based on Aeroflot regular flights to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), AZURair from Moscow to Nyachang and Emirates flights from St. Petersburg.

PAX Company declared about its guaranteed blocks on Aeroflot and Vietnam Airlines to Hanoi for the whole year.

The ANEX Tour also has a big flight program for Vietnam in the summer season: till the end of October 2017. Departures are from Moscow and 15 regions of Russia by charter flights of AZUR air with arriving to the international airport of Cam Ranh.

The traditional resorts for the Russian tourists are still Phan Thiet and Nachang - such statistics are given by the representatives of the majority of the tour operators. In the PAX company additionally noted the increased demand for Fukuok resorts.

Such resorts as Danant and Hoi An, which are traditionally popular among Western customers, this year are also interesting for Russian tourists who consider Vietnam not only as a beach resort, but also as a country with a rich history and interesting places to visit.

The audience of the direction is wide enough - from youth to pensioners. In general, Vietnam is chosen by family couples, sometimes with children older than 6-7 years, as well as young people after 30 years - all who interested in calm beach holiday.


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