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The number of foreign trips of Russians increased by 24% in the first quarter of 2017

Create: 06/14/2017 - 12:57

“In January-March 2017 the number of trips of Russian citizens abroad amounted more than 6.7 million, which is 24% higher than in the same period of the previous year”, - according to the data of Rosstat.

The list of the most popular countries among the Russians is led by Finland (736 thousand trips), Abkhazia (667 thousand) and Kazakhstan (512 thousand). Also in the TOP 10 countries are China (430 thousand trips), Estonia (393 thousand) and Thailand (381 thousand), Ukraine (372 thousand), Germany and Poland (273,000 each), United Arab Emirates (210 thousand) and Italy (174 thousand).

According to the Federal State Statistics Service, most of the TOP 10 countries showed a noticeable increase of the tourist flow from Russia. Thus, the number of Russians who visited Finland and Germany in the first quarter of this year increased by almost a third in comparison with the same period in 2016. In China, the number of tourist trips was 37.8% more than in the same months of the last year, Estonia + 23%, Thailand almost + 35%, Ukraine + 20%, UAE + 56%, Italy + 32, 8%.

The number of trips of Russians to Turkey doubled in the first quarter of 2017, reaching 138 thousand. Turkey is on the 13-th line of the out coming list. The leader of the second dozen is Vietnam (150 thousand), showing an increase of almost 65% against the same period of the last year. Also among Russians are popular Azerbaijan (139.000), Georgia (135.000), Lithuania (123.000), Spain (120.000), Czech Republic (104.000), India (98.000) and France (96.000).

Earlier Rosstat said that in 2016 the number of trips made by Russian citizens abroad was 31.7 million, which was 7.9% lower than in the previous year.


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