How much the Russian tourist traffic to Europe increased in 2017.

Create: 12/04/2017 - 13:41
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In the report, devoted to the development of European tourism, which was prepared by the research company IPK International for the World Travel Monitor Forum in Pisa, the analysts predict an increase of the number of Russian tourists in the European region.

As noted in the report IPK International, in January-August 2017 the boom of excursion trips on European destinations has continued (+ 20%) and the number of beach bookings also increased (+ 7%).

Russia became the most growing market for Europe this year, the number of trips of Russian tourists grew by 18% in the period from January to August. Other top of incoming markets for the Old Continent were European countries: Poland, Netherlands and France.

It is noteworthy that Europeans this year prefer to travel more to nearby countries (+ 6% in comparison with the same period of the last year). The figures of long distance trips are similar to the trends of 2016.

Predicting the results of 2018, experts from IPK International tell about 4% increase of travel to Europe. Especially active dynamics is expected from UK (+ 6%), despite the weaker pound, as well as from Russia (+ 6%). Good traffic is also expected from Belgium, France, Netherlands, Norway and Switzerland.

The largest out coming market in Europe, Germany, will also show small growth. It is assumed that the number of travels of German tourists in Europe will grow by 2%.