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Create: 10/20/2017 - 09:25
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According to the data of "Association of Tour Operators in the Field of Out coming Tourism "TURPOMOSCH", published on the Internet official website, in accordance with the current Russian legislation only in Moscow 322 tour operators are registered and operating.

TOP-10 of tour operators’ foreign directions is presented in the table:

It is interesting picture: major tour operators, such as Coral, Biblio Globus, Pegas, Tez Tour, Anex, Natali Tours operate on 50 destinations an average and medium-sized, such as TUI, Intourist, Ambotis, Pac Group - on 40 directions.

TOP-10 of directions the least number of tour operators works, looks like this:

These directions are in the field of specialized tour operators. Among them one can accentuate "Arctic" and "Antarctic" tour operators, which organize visits to South and North Pole. For example, Travel Club "Speshl" offering to feel anybody like a pioneer and to reach North Pole on skis or to spend the night on a drifting ice floe and then make a parachute jump on the geographic North Pole.

The history of the tour operator State Trust "Arktikugol" is also noteworthy. This state enterprise since 1931 was engaged in coal mining on Spitsbergen Island. However, since 2011 the Trust has started developing on Spitsbergen its own tourist infrastructure and reception of foreign tourists in Barentsburg and Pyramid towns. Now tourism has become a priority sphere of its activity. 150 tour operators (about 50%) of the total number operate in MICE segment. About 250 tour operators of Moscow (more than 70%) are engaged in VIP-tours.

To see a list of all tour operators according to the interesting directions, visit the Russian Travel Digest website (heading "Tour Operators"): select the country from the list and you will see tour operators who operate in this direction, as well as a brief information about them. All information is current. Last update was done on 01.10.2017.