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Expert: the cost of foreign tours for Russians decreased by 15-30% in 2017

Create: 04/05/2017 - 11:42

“The cost of foreign tourist trips for Russians fell by 15-30% in comparison with the last year”, - said the General Director of NTK Intourist tour operator Viktor Topolkaraev.

"In rubles in comparison with the last year the tours have fallen in price for Russians by 10-15%, and even by 20%. Also in currency the foreign tours have become cheaper. If to take the last four weeks, at this time a year ago the average price of a foreign tour was $ 660-700, now it is $ 590-600. This is due to the fact that hoteliers in Turkey give large discounts by the early booking program, and this action affects on the average price of the tour packages. The difference in Rubles can be up to 25-30% against the last year's figures", - reported V. Topolkaraev.

He also noted that Turkey takes 60-70% of the whole volume of early bookings of the company this year.

Against the background of the fall of the cost of foreign tours, the expert also stressed the fact that the cost of holidays at Russian resorts has increased on average by 15% in comparison with the last year due to the higher prices given by hoteliers in Sochi and Crimea.


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