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Every second tourist in Russia plans to have a holiday on the east of Mediterranean

Create: 05/25/2017 - 14:10

“In April 2017, almost half of potential tourists searching package tours for May and summer holidays concentrated attention on three countries: Turkey, Greece and Cyprus”, - reports the analytical service of ATOR.

The main trends in April are the following: holiday in inexpensive foreign beach countries, as well as in Caucuses states and Russia, the shift in demand towards a more comfortable type of accommodation at foreign resorts, relax with children and an increase in the number of searches for tours based on the all-inclusive system. The last three mentioned trends are noted monthly since February.

In April 2017, the number of search requests for package tours increased by a quarter against April 2016. In April, 51% of Russians more often than in the last year were choosing beach holiday due to opening of Turkish direction, most European beach destinations showed stagnation or negative dynamics.

In general, the demand for tours to Europe reduced by 18% and, as a result, 30% of visitors interested in holiday in EU countries. Also potential tourists showed significantly less interest than in the last year for the rest in Asia countries, such options were considered only by 11% of users of

In April, the most preferred trend for potential tourists was holiday in 5 stars hotels - this type of accommodation was chosen by 32.1% of users. Another 27.7% considered options for staying in 4 stars hotels.

All Inclusive and Ultra All Inclusive systems in April were searched by 60.3% of the site visitors, which is 19% more than in April last year.

TOP countries.

In April, the most popular destination for users was Turkey, 29.1% of all users selected tours to this country.

Cyprus is on the second line in the list of search requests (8.5%), missing 14.9% of requests in comparison with April 2016.

Greece took 8.3% of search requests, but for the year period the number of searches for tours to Greek resorts decreased by 30.8%.

Variants of holiday in Thailand were searched in 6.8% of request cases in systems, which is 26% less than a year earlier.

Tours in Russia were interesting for 6% of site visitors (fifth place), which is 4.1% more than a month earlier, but 26% less than a year ago.

Tours in Tunisia were searched by 5.4% of users, which is 6.5% less than in April 2016.

Spain: the share of the direction for the month was 4.3%, the number of search requests for Spain was a quarter less than in April 2016.

Interest to the resorts of Vietnam showed 3.5% of users, the number of requests decreased by 19.5% against the last year.

In general, such directions as Turkey, Dominican Republic, China, Georgia, Portugal, Azerbaijan, Jamaica, USA, Bahamas, the Netherlands and Belarus demonstrated the best dynamics of growth in comparison with the same period of the previous year.


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