Early booking of tours to Spain is already ahead of the last year’s volumes

Create: 12/20/2017 - 12:33
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Early booking program for Spain has started by almost all players. The first sales results already show that demand is high.

According to tour operators, at the early booking stage the demand for Spain is already ahead of the last year's figures from 10 to 25%. Moreover, tourist players note not only the increase of sales, but also their depth. So, Anna Abashkina, the Head of Spain direction of ANEX Tour operator, states that despite the fact that the operator began early booking only a couple of weeks ago, there are already sales for June, July, August and even September.

TUI Russia opened early booking program to Spain in September and the growth of demand is estimated at the level of 10-15% in comparison with the last year. The depth of sales is also reaches September, which is due to the popularity of the hotels. "Tourists try to book their favorite hotel, as they are well aware that there will be no rooms in it later", - explains TUI representatives.

The PAC GROUP said that sales of tours to Spain started in November and already exceeds the last year's volumes by about 25%. The company also confirms a good depth of sales for the season.

As for the cost of rest in 2018 season by early booking program, operators agree that overall it has remained at 2017 level. "The increase of prices is within reasonable limits, no more than 5", - says Anna Abashkina of ANEX Tour.