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Demand for sightseeing tours to Europe is growing in almost all directions

Create: 09/12/2017 - 16:27

Despite the growth of the cost of tours in European destinations, operators note an increase of the volume of sales of sightseeing tours for the autumn season by about 18-20%. In addition, market participants note the growth of bookings for the New Year holidays.

"The total number of sightseeing tours to Europe, booked in the company for the autumn-winter period of 2017 by the beginning of the last summer month, exceeds the figures of the same period of the last year by 28%. The maximum depth of booking of excursion tours to Europe reaches December in this year", - says in BSI GROUP.

The most popular sightseeing destinations for autumn in Europe are Czech Republic, Italy, France, the Baltic States. The demand for an excursion to Spain has increased. "Against the last year, sales increased by 25%. The depth of sales extended November", - says Valeria Romanenkova, Director of marketing, sales and agency services at ICS Travel Group - “The depth of sales to Czech Republic reaches January 2018, to Italy - until November, France - October in this year”.

For the autumn period Hungary, United Kingdom, Slovenia, Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland are also popular. The number of sightseeing tours booked for the autumn period to UK exceeded the last year's figures by 33%, to France - by 31%, to Hungary - by 28%, to Czech Republic - by 27%.

Among the European countries that showed a decline in demand is Austria. The demand for tours to this country for the coming autumn period decreased by 12% in comparison with 2016.


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