The cheapest tours for the end of June

Create: 06/14/2018 - 15:16

Average prices for weekly beach tours for the end of June in most directions have increased. But there are exceptions - Russia, Greece and Spain. At the Russian South resorts at the end of June you may rest for 20-30 thousand Rubles (273 – 409 Euros) for two persons with a flight.

"Vestnik ATOR" magazine publishes an analysis of prices for weekly package beach tours with a flight on June 23 from Moscow on 12 most popular destinations: Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Thailand, Tunisia, Anapa, Crimea, Big Sochi.

The prices for tours are calculated for two adults, RT air transportation, accommodation for 7 nights and departure to the place of rest on Saturday, June 23.

The average price of tours for the most popular summer beach destinations with a flight on June 23 has changed quite significantly in comparison with the previous tours with flight on June 9.

1. We can see a significant decrease of average prices for tours to Anapa and an almost double drop of the average price of tours to Sochi. The average price of tours to the Crimea fell by 50% against the "high period" of the first decade of June. All three Russian destinations in late June - like in the last year – are the leaders on accessibility.

2. A sufficient number of budget proposals have appeared in a number of areas: almost by 20% decreased average prices for tours to Greece, Spain prices have fallen by 18% and Tunisia by 6%.

3. Other directions become more expensive in accordance with conditions of the high season. So, by the end of June the average prices rose by 18% for the leading summer direction of this season - Turkey. You can see, for instance, a 28% rise of the average price for Bulgaria, 22% - for Montenegro, 30% - for Italy and 10% - for Cyprus. The average prices for tours to Thailand also added 21% by the end of June (against the departures for the first decade of June).


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