Abkhazia does not give good prices

Create: 09/18/2017 - 11:55

According to the tour operator community, the demand for tours to Abkhazia for the autumn season remains low.

According to the evaluation of the participants of the market, demand fell this year and fell very significantly. In different companies the decrease of the number of bookings for September-October in comparison with the last year is from 20 to 40%. The players see this trend primarily as objective external reasons, such as the returning of the Turkey's tourist market.

However, the right price policy of Sochi hoteliers and the cold weather at the beginning of the summer season also played a role.

According to tour operators, in the autumn season the number of tourists in the Republic is about half that was in July-August, which is due to the beginning of the school year and the end of summer holidays.

“In September, hoteliers in Abkhazia always quite significantly reduce prices for accommodation and in October prices are reduced even more significantly”, - say the representatives of ALEAN tour operator. Nevertheless, all the players note that the autumn demand and the framework of the season itself is heavily depend on the weather, which has been unpredictable lately.

Of course, unfortunately, top hotels are not inclined to reduce prices in autumn season and private objects do not lower them in advance, so they all do not have time to "get into the flow"


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