The amount of insurance claims of Natalie Tours tourists has grown

The total amount of payments to the customers of Natalie Tours tour operator (which had ceased its activities) amounted to 1 billion 94 million 239 thousand 588 Rubles (14,671,965 Euros). Such data were published by Ingosstrakh insurance company on October 29.

The report states that the main number of applications comes from the customers of Panorama Tour LLC: 8,679 applications for the total sum of 1 billion 79 million 957 thousand 784 Rubles (14,480,470 Euros). The number of contracts with the second legal entity of the supplier - Travel Agency Natali LLC - turned out to be ten times less: 168 applications for the amount of 14 million 281 thousand 803 Rubles (191,496 Euros). “The customers receive payments in full”, Ingosstrakh underlined.

But the limit of liability under the insurance agreement with “Panorama Tour” - 50 million Rubles (670,418 Euros) - has already been exhausted. In 8,164 cases the payments were made in proportion. Moreover, the proportion, of course, has disappointed the tourists. Travel agents share this information in social networks: for example, the amount of compensation for one of the failed tours, which price reached almost 200 thousand Rubles (2,682 Euros), was only 9 thousand Rubles (120 Euros).

The insurance company noted that there were refusals of payments for 185 requests from Panorama Tour clients. Thus, there are still 330 no rested tourists, who were able to confirm their financial losses, but did not receive a single penny due to the insufficient size of financial guarantees. Now they can apply to “Turpomosch” with the requirement to pay them money from the personal responsibility fund of the tour operator. However, Panorama Tour has only 6.8 million Rubles (91,177 Euros) in the fund. Obviously, these funds will not be able to provide compensation for all affected tourists, because those, who received partial reimbursement at a ratio, can also rely on payments from this fund.